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If you’d love to have a stunning, healthy smile that you can show off, turn to Walter F. Russo DMD in Milford, Connecticut for preventive and restorative care. We’re a full-service office that can help with treatments for your entire family. With us, you’ll receive personal service from a practice that can apply over 35 years of experience for your benefit. We can help with regular cleanings that are designed to maintain your optimal oral health, or you can come to us when you’re looking for a minimally invasive solution to an uncomfortable tooth. Our office is outfitted to assist with:

  • Cosmetic & General Dentistry
  • Veneers
  • Crown & Bridge
  • Bonding/White Fillings
  • Bleaching / Teeth Whitening
  • Preventative Care/Teeth Cleanings
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Root Canals
  • Extractions
  • Examinations
  • Sealants
  • Removable Partials and Dentures
  • Denture Relines
  • Nightguards / Sports Guards
  • Emergency Services


Most people who have private insurance, have it as part of their group insurance policies and benefits through their employers. The amount and procedures covered vary and we encourage you to obtain full details of your dental plan coverage so you can take full advantage of benefits offered and to avoid unpleasant surprises. Each insurance carrier is different. We will do our best to educate you on what your plan covers so together we can work toward the goal of having a healthy mouth.


We accept most major insurance plans and will gladly process your claim and strive to get you the best coverage possible. Please have your insurance card and driver’s license with you at your first appointment. Insurance policies generally cover only a portion of the total treatment cost. Please remember that your dental insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurance company, not between your insurance company and our office.

We make no guarantee of any estimated coverage, but we will do our best to ensure that you receive your maximum benefits. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for your total obligation of fees for treatment provided should your insurance benefits result in less coverage than anticipated.

If you would like to know what your expected coverage will be, we can submit a pre-authorization estimate (often referred to as pre-determination or PDs) to your insurance company. Your insurer will usually respond and send a detailed explanation of benefits within 4-6 weeks.

Unless other arrangements have been made, we ask that you pay your portion of the bill at the time of treatment. It is your responsibility to pay any balance not paid by your insurance company.

Payment Methods

Checks, credit cards, debit cards and even cash are acceptable in exchange for dental work. Payment Plans can also be arranged. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.


We know that most people are afraid to have dental work done but at Walter F. Russo DMD in Milford, Connecticut, we cater to you. Walter F. Russo chose his profession to be able to help people who need dental work done, so it is our goal to make all procedures as easy and comfortable as possible. And for the little ones who come in to our office, we offer a basket of toys, books and coloring books for kids in our waiting room. We want to keep your visit with us anxiety-free! So, if you’re searching for a dentist, you can rely on Walter F. Russo DMD.


Many people only go to the dentist when something is wrong. That truly is a shame, because they are missing out on so many preventive services that can save discomfort — and expense — down the road. Regular dental visits are essential to make sure oral health problems — from tooth decay to oral cancer — are detected and treated in a timely manner. Some individuals may need to see the dentist more often than others to stay on top of problems like plaque buildup and gum disease, but everyone should go at least twice per year.

Your regular dental visits will include a thorough oral exam to check the health of your teeth and gums; an oral cancer screening to spot any suspicious signs early; and a professional cleaning, not only to remove unsightly deposits and stains, but more importantly to keep your gums and bone healthy, preventing gingivitis and gum disease. This will make your teeth look and feel great! So don’t miss out on the many benefits dentistry offers you and your family!

New Patient Category

We’re a full-service office that can help with treatments for your entire family, from children to seniors. With us, you’ll receive treatment individually tailored just to you. We offer comprehensive dental care for general, cosmetic, implant, and emergency dental services.

Your initial appointment includes a teeth cleaning, x-rays and an examination. X-rays help us diagnose dental disease, including gum disease and cavities, plus cysts, infections and changes in the bone level supporting your teeth. If you have recent x-rays and/or records, please bring them with you. We can advise you about how to obtain your previous records when making your appointment.

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